Why is SEO Important? Authors?

SEO for Authors

Authors want to write and create. Anything more, anything less, is irrelevant to their job. Or not?

With the plethora of books and websites, you can’t just be an author. You need to be your own salesperson, your own PR, and make sure that everyone can find your books. Because whenever you have a question, who do you ask? Google. Google is your friend and your enemy at the same time.

When you create your author page, you need to do a lot of work on the back scene so that Google can find you. Your goal is to have your brand (your book, your name) show on the first page of the results. That’s why you need professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The correct SEO will help your author’s brand be discovered, and that will drive more sales.

What You Can Do

  • You need to find the best keywords for your books. For example, if you wanted to search for your genre, what would you type in Google Search?

Try to use different phrases and examine the results to check which one is best for you.

  • Keep a blog and write articles that will grab attention, then share them on social media. The bigger the traction, the better.
  • Whenever you have an interview for a website, don’t offer them your amazon page link, give them your author webpage (think backlinks here).
  • Use Google Analytics to check your site views and visitors and adjust the content accordingly. 

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that come from another site and guide the guest to a specific page on your website. The quality and the quantity of the link will help you rank higher.

Now, the million-dollar question. How can you add your website URL to someone else’s website? Unless you have a friend who owns a website or you know someone willing to exchange links, then you have to pay for it.

Big companies spend a huge amount of money on sponsored articles. The budget can start at $100 per post, and it can reach thousands depending on how good the site is. The professionals already know the prices and have seen thousands of sites on the internet, and they can measure the performance of the site and suggest it to you.

What about scammers? The entire internet is full of people who claim they can do the job for you very cheap. However, if they put your link on a terrible website, it may do more bad than good.


In Conclusion

You need to have a good, user-friendly website with links to your books, articles, and correct keywords. To make sure that it stands out from the crowd, you need to invest time and money in SEO and link building.

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