The Act of Writing


Read all you want. Study, examine and seriously preach all you want. But if you don’t act, it’s not entirely true. Writer’s write. Others talk about it.

Incidentally, top producers sit down and start producing. Mediocre or poor producers spend a lot of time preparing to produce

Zig Ziglar

To experience, you must do. The best learning opportunities are in the activity. You can read a book and do the test to get a boating license, but until you actually pilot a boat, you can’t know how it feels. Read all you want about how awesome skydiving is, but until you jump, you can’t know the intimate feeling of apprehension, anxiety—the thrill.

Read or listen to Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or whomever your personal motivator is—they are excellent examples of just a few of the best in the business. Then go out and practice what they preach. Do random acts of kindness. Smile. Offer a hug. Shine and get noticed. Teach people how to treat you. Feel good about yourself.

Isn’t there a moment in your life when you realize what you’re doing isn’t working? You are where you are because you put yourself there. If you want to finish your book, only you can write it. Set personal goals. Do daily word counts or write one scene daily—whatever works for you—just do it.

You’re your own life manager. If you’re not happy, you have to do something about it. Change things up. Get active. Participate in your life. Demand changes. You’re worth it. You were born. Take an interest in the future—you will spend the rest of your life there.

I implore you to stop wasting time doing and being something you’re not happy with.

Is it easy? No, it’s never easy. Life doesn’t owe you a living, but it provides many opportunities.

Fall down seven times, stand eight

-Japanese proverb

This isn’t brain surgery. This is life—your life. And to me, that’s all there is.

The truth: I did this. I woke up. Every day, I’m positive and excited about what the future holds. I write novels and short stories. Then I submit them to my agent or self-publish them. I will continue doing this for decades as this is what I do every day—I never tire of creating new stories. I write every day using a word count per day discipline.

And yes, I’ve read books on how to write. Then I wrote. I acted.

What do you do? What are you going to do? How do you act?

The act of writing isn’t too challenging. Just sit at that blank screen and type. You can’t edit a blank screen, so fill it and work out the details later.

If there were one thing in your life you’d change, what is it? What’s stopping you from changing it? Fear? Doubt? Are you in your own way? Then step aside and let the true beauty out.

Come on. One life to live.

I’d say live it.

But first, you must murder doubt—it’s treasonous, a traitor, and it’s trying to stop you from getting what you want. Don’t let doubt stop you from the bestseller lists.

Go and write.

Create magic.

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