Why Write

Why Write

Why Write?Why do it? I do it because I get to leave, escape. Seriously. While writing, I get to go somewhere else. This place I go to is wild, exciting, and thrilling. People are being chased, run over, and shot at. People die so others can live. People swear and yell out funny but embarrassing […]

The Act of Writing


The Act of Writing Read all you want. Study, examine and seriously preach all you want. But if you don’t act, it’s not entirely true. Writer’s write. Others talk about it. Incidentally, top producers sit down and start producing. Mediocre or poor producers spend a lot of time preparing to produce –Zig Ziglar To experience, […]

Why Platform?

Author Platform

Why Platform? The idea of a platform is smart, something every author should think about. Let’s go one step further, though—an author needs a platform. The platform, essentially, is a place where an author self-promotes their name using social media like Twitter, Facebook, a website, and sometimes even a blog (blogs are outdated now and […]

Procrastinate Tomorrow

Procrastinate tomorrow

Procrastinate Tomorrow Writing.com once asked its Facebook members if they would share their writing goals for the coming week. I was amazed at the number of people talking about procrastination. “Finding time” was mentioned, along with a small number of people with goals set for the days ahead. If you really want to write, I mean […]

Caterpillar Stage of an Author


Caterpillar Stage of an Author You are being born as you collect yourself and gather your writing materials. You form ideas and begin to write. Before long, you have a story. Is it good enough to sell? Will you submit it, or is this just something for relatives and close friends to see? This is […]

Get Writing or Get Lost

Get Writing or Get Lost Contracts are being written at this very minute. People are being published. Booksellers are getting books and placing them on shelves. All this happens while other writers are getting lost with their writing. There’s much ado about writing out there. I’ll break it down into three categories of A.D.O. Advice […]

Rejection Letters are Great

Rejection Letters

Rejection Letters are Great Written by Jonas Saul Rejection letters are great is a bold statement. Why I said it is because you sent your creative endeavor out to a literary agency or publisher. It means you’re ready—hopefully—to take your work to the next level. Suppose someone told you that the 37th agent you query […]

Writer’s Block is a Lie

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block is a Lie Writer’s block is a lie. This isn’t grandstanding. I’m serious. Let me explain. I don’t mean you are lying. I also don’t mean that writer’s block doesn’t exist. Nor is writer’s block an area of a neighborhood where writers converge on writing. (If there is such a block, I’d love […]

10 Reasons to Fear Writing and Then Some

Fear of writing

10 Reasons to Fear Writing and Then Some Psychologically Revealing:  If you’re male and you write thrillers where women always seem to get beat up and abused, it may tell the reader about your struggle with the opposite sex. What you write is your voice. It comes through quite loud at times. It can reveal […]

Writers Write

Writers write

Writers Write Writers write. That’s it. Simple. Motivation to write is at an all-time high. More people write now than in any other era. Today, I want to address the people who are writing for publication. What motivates you? What brings you to your work in progress every day? Do you write every day? As […]