Proofread/Copy Edit


This is a line-by-line examination of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other minor issues the manuscript may have. Our editors will scour the manuscript looking for commonly used words (boring verbs, too many adverbs) and make sure there’s consistency in capitalization, the use of hyphens, and that the pages and chapters are numbered correctly. The goal is to get the manuscript as error-free as possible.

Our editors will send back the revised body of work with an explanation of what they discovered in the manuscript, along with fixes done in track changes.

Email us ten pages in a Word doc, double-spaced, for an obligation-free editorial interview. Our editors will revise those ten pages and send them back to you at no charge. If you like what you see and want to work with Imagine Press, we will assess a fair quote and go from there.

Once your manuscript is edited and ready for submission, please consider submitting it to our affiliate company, IMG Literary.

All manuscripts are edited to New York publishing standards as per the Chicago Manual of Style in American English. British English or Canadian English is available upon request.

Proofread/Copy Edit

A one-hour Zoom session is included in the rate.

$ 0.009 per word in USD