Publishing Services

Based on your needs you can choose the package that suits you better.

Essential Package

You will work with a graphic designer to prepare your ebook cover. Your novel will go through a developmental edit, then another round of proofreading to ensure everything flows well and is ready for publication.

This package includes two hours of personal interaction on a Zoom call, publishing advice, and marketing advice to get your book the audience it deserves.

Author Package

This package includes everything the Essential Package offers, with the added bonus that book covers will be prepared for ebook and softcover print versions.

In addition to our advice on marketing and sales, we format and prepare your novel for distribution, help prepare your platform, and even set up your author’s SEO-orientated website.

Lastly, all the ISBNs for each format are provided to make your journey into publishing an easy path.

Publishing Package

This package includes everything from the other two packages and levels it all up to worry-free publishing. Imagine Press Inc. does everything for you.

Complete rounds of editing, book covers, ISBNs, marketing, author website, author business card designs, formatting of the novel, and ultimately publication to Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks (in 51 countries), and Kobo, with distribution to Overdrive, which is the world’s largest library ebook platform with over 20,000+ libraries.

Submit your manuscript and watch it turn into a reality as readers worldwide begin to purchase your creative endeavor

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